One Of The Best Horror Games Is Getting A Sequel

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Few games shook me the way Outlast did in 2013, so it pleases me greatly that we’re finally getting a sequel next year.


So far, all we know about Outlast 2 is that developer Red Barrels is targeting fall 2016 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. They’ve released a very brief teaser:

It seems like we’ve ditched the psychiatric ward for the outdoors!

Here’s the vague synopsis released for Outlast 2:

No conflict is ever black and white. But once the dust has settled, the victors get to decide who was right and who was wrong. Who is good and who is evil. Human nature pushes us to extremes of violence and depravity, which we then justify by divine inspiration and a promise of paradise to come. Horror rises from desperation and blind faith. OUTLAST 2 will test your faith, pushing players to a place where going mad is the only sane thing to do.

Sounds like the sequel is going to explore religion in some capacity. Hmm.

There’s a reason Outlast was placed so highly on my list of the top 10 best horror games—it’s scary as hell. If you haven’t played it yet, fix that ASAP.

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I mean, it’s scary in how it handles its jump scares—sure. But it also suffers from the same issue that plagues both Amnesia games: you will always know when an encounter is about to happen after a certain point. Especially in terms of puzzle-solving.

Pull a level? Be ready to get ambushed.

Find a key or item? Be ready to get ambushed.

Enter a new area? Be ready to get chased.

Dark area with water? Boy howdy are you gonna get ambushed.

It’s tiring. Amnesia: Dark Descent gets points for atmosphere, don’t get me wrong. But a lot of the “scares” there and in Outlast come less from the game being creepy and more from the loud noises and shakey-cam it throws at you.