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​I Love This Power Glove Oven Mitt, It's So Bad

Illustration for article titled ​I Love This Power Glove Oven Mitt, Its So Bad

Why yes, I would use the Power Mitt, which is not the superhero alter-ego of a certain Massachusetts-based former presidential candidate, but rather an oven mitt designed to look like Mattel's famous Nintendo peripheral. I would use it to take my cookies out of the oven, and it would rule.

Creator Pete Hottelet of Omni Consumer Products is currently selling the gloves through a sort of pre-order thing at indiegogo. Hottelet's done a lot of projects like this in the past, including that Robocop statue for Detroit.


I gotta say, I really do think one of these would make for a great gift. And hey, if you give Hottelet $10,000, you can get a gold-plated one. Because everyone loves a gold-plated oven mitt!


(via Laughing Squid)

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That video was hilarious, but... This has a Kickstarter? This looks like it would make a better parody advert than a product. Like Big Rigs.

Though I can't imagine this oven mitt being anywhere near as bad.