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I Kissed A Girl With My Brain... The Results Weren't So Good

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Find out if you really like each other by testing your brain waves. That's what the Brain Kiss app tests to see.

By wearing a brain wave scanner and looking into each other's eyes for 15 seconds, you can get the results of how you really feel about the person you're looking at in 5 levels of attraction: Like very much, Like, So-so, Not very, and No interest.


I got a chance to try it out at the Architect Co., Ltd. booth at Tokyo Game Show 2012. The companion at the desk fitted the brain wave scanner onto my head and started the app. We then looked into each other's eyes for 15 seconds which was pretty embarrassing (she was pretty cute), and got our results.

According the app screens, her feelings for me were "Like very much," but my feelings for her were "No interest..." (Above image) I would swear it wasn't true, but it's kind of hard to argue with science.


It might be fun to try Brain Kiss with my friends, but while the app is free, the brain wave scanner costs ¥9,500 (US$121.5), which is a little steep for what is kind of a novelty game... There is also a brain training app that utilizes the brain wave scanner, Zone Trainer, that is scheduled for release in fall, 2012.

I should go back and ask that companion out for some coffee after the game show...