When I was young and couldn't really stop my older brother from playing whatever he wanted to play next on our cousin's Nintendo, my brother liked to play Elevator Action. If we went to our cousins' house for the holidays, he went to the basement to fire up that game.

I wanted to play other games, but, no, he wanted to play Elevator Action. Every single time. I had to wait. Older brother's prerogative, I guess.

I haven't played Elevator Action in decades, but I remember it being really boring. Lots of running through halls, jumping slowly, shooting bad guys, taking elevators, reaching the roof and going to the next building to do all over again. Why did I sit there and watch him play? Why was that game so dull?

(Correction: My brother informed me over IM that the guy in this game actually shimmies down to each building on a cable. He starts on the roof and works his way down. I had it the other way around, because I guess I'm blocking this one from my memory.)

That was the '80s. I haven't thought much about Elevator Action since then. I don't know if he has. I'm bringing this up now because I wanted him to know that there's a sequel or remake coming. They're calling it Elevator Action Deluxe. It'll be out for PlayStation Network at some point, and that's about all I know from the game's official Japanese site.


So there you go, big brother. A new Elevator Action. Finally. For you.

(Note: Only years later did I realize that the game I often wanted to play instead on our cousin's Nintendo was 3D World Runner. Methinks my brother was saving me from some poor-quality gaming. I believe I played it with a Power Pad.)

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