Boss Fight Studio are a small toy company, mostly made up of ex-Hasbro folks who worked on lines like GI Joe and Transformers. While they still do licensed work for big companies, its Boss Fight's design for original action figures that look neat.

Despite not having a universe or face to reveal (yet), the company has shown off a prototype of their figure design, and I love it. When it comes to figures, at least small-scale ones like this (not the huge, elaborate ones like Hot Toys), there's normally a trade-off to be made.


You either get a decent replica of a person/character with limited posability, or you get a flexible figure that looks like a caricature. There are some exceptions to this, mostly from Japanese lines like Figma, but they've got the safety of dealing mostly with cartoon/game characters, not real humans.


Boss Fight's figure looks to get both right, though. That's a pretty good template of the kind of male body you'd be recreating from movies/games/comics, though it's also got articulation everywhere, from the wrists to the stomach to "proper" kneecaps.

In short, he looks like Square Enix's Play Arts line, only less deformed and freaky-looking.


This prototype figure is called the "Spartan", and it looks like he's eventually going to get some armour and clothing to go with all those muscles.

Boss Fight Studio [Site, images courtesy of Toyark]

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