If games like Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and Splatoon are any indication, this generation of shooters is going to be a whacky one. Sony just fleshed out its newest entry in this emerging category of insane-looking projectile simulators with a trailer for VizionEck, a monochromatic shooter I do not understand in the slightest:

Can you tell what's going on there? You play as a cube, I guess. And you play against other cubes by shooting...even more cubes?

I don't know.

Michael Ambrust, VizionEck's creator, described the game as a "competitive first-person shooter," albeit one with some unusual twists, in a post on the PlayStation blog today. He was even kind enough to provide a thorough breakdown of various aspects of its gameplay on the VizionEck website. I read all of these things, and watched the above trailer, several times over. And I still can't really tell what VizionEck is.

Not that that really matters, yet. Because I'm still having more than enough fun trying to wrap my head around the game's striking aesthetic:



Really helps break up the monotony of buff n' stubbly space marines, doesn't it? It's like Tron, if Tron was even more pared down than it already is, visually speaking.

You can read more about VizionEck here.

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