I Have Created A Bloodborne Drinking Game

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It's the weekend. Many of you will be playing Bloodborne. Some of you will be drinking. Why not combine the two?


I've been playing Bloodborne for a little over a week now. It's been exhausting and awesome.

After a few days of playing, though, some friends came over to hang out. I needed a break. Some of them were Souls fans, some of them were not. We wanted to come up with a way for everyone to enjoy Bloodborne, and our eyes turned toward the beer in the fridge.

This is not, of course, recommended when you want to play skillfully. (Though I've found two drinks helps me calm down and play a tad bit better! Your mileage may vary on that one.)

Here's what we started drawing up on a whiteboard:

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If you can't read through my wife's handwriting (don't tell her I said that), I can help. I've come up with some modifications to the ruleset since, as a few don't correspond to their challenge.

You might be thinking to yourself "hey, Patrick, a lot of these things happen in Bloodborne" a lot! You're right, buddy. Part of the drinking game's design is to force you to play differently!


Anyway, here we go:

  • If you die, take three drinks.
  • If someone who doesn't like or play Souls games kills any single enemy, take a drink.
  • If you use a health vial, take a drink.
  • If you use your gun, take two drinks.
  • If you pull off a visceral attack, everyone else takes a drink.
  • If you reach a new lamp, everyone has to finish their drink.
  • If you fall off of a ledge, take a shot.
  • Alternate: if an enemy falls off a ledge, assign a shot to someone else.
  • If you throw a molotov cocktail, it's a waterfall. (That means the person who threw the molotov starts drinking, then the next person starts drinking, all the way down the line. You cannot stop drinking until the person in front of you is done. Good luck!)
  • If you defeat a boss, everyone has to take a shot of the victor's choosing.

You probably have some rules of your own, and I'll happily read them in the comments.


Have a good weekend, everyone! Happy hunting!

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You guys are going to be passing out in an hour. Holy shit those rules are ridiculous.