I. Hate. Microsoft. Points.

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I hate Microsoft Points. I always have. And not simply because they're essentially a cheap scam to confuse you on how much you're actually paying. It's because this crappy "currency" doesn't act like any normal currency in the real world.


Let's put this in perspective for a moment. In Japan, the going rate for 3500 Microsoft Points is ¥5,000 (US$63.88) This price has not changed much since this fiat currency (break out your dictionaries kids!) was initially introduced back in 2005 (They did remove the additional 5% sales tax in 2011). It was ¥5,000 then and it's ¥5,000 now. Meanwhile, the price of the Japanese Yen has shot up during that time from around ¥115 to the US$ back in 2005 to the current ¥78. (Roughly a 30% increase in cost) Basically, where I used to pay around US$44 for 3500 MSPs I now pay around US$64.

It's not enough that people have to purchase points in blocks that are generally more than the content that is purchased, leaving them with excess wasted points, I'm now paying more for the same game content than my American colleagues, where it used to be relatively equal. It's like getting price gouged at the gas pump, but only one country is getting the shaft.


This is why when I heard that they were phasing out Microsoft Points for purchases in Windows 8, I was overjoyed. Perhaps at last things could be bought for real-world prices. But, no. Microsoft has confirmed with The Verge that they will be retaining the MSP system for Xbox purchases. So, basically the gaming community still gets screwed. Dammit…

Microsoft Points phased out in favor of cash in Windows 8 [The Verge]

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Dyram - The Emerald Blade

Nintendo has pretty much the same system of "points" and I just don't understand the mentality. In today's internet marketplace where everyone has credit cards, why do I have to buy "points" which I then use to "buy" actual games? Even worse, why do I have to buy points in "blocks" that don't even correspond with any prices in the shop! They're forcing me to have leftover money, and the 3DS e-shop is the WORST offender. It forces you to buy money in blocks of whole dollars, but then charges you values ending in $0.99. This way, no matter what, you're always left over with pennies in your balance. The only way to clear it out is to basically buy 99 games. It's a ridiculous practice and it needs to be abolished. If they want you to store your money in "credits" on their shop, fine, but at least let us choose an amount we want to store there.