I Finished A Book!

To: Crecente
From: Luke

Yes, that was really worth the exclamation point. See, ever since I graduated from university, I've found myself allergic to books. I read so many of the damn things that I just kind of...went off them. Can't read 'em anymore. Comic books, yes, but book books? Urgh.

So reading one, let alone finishing one, was a big deal for me. Yet finish one I did: it's called Can't Stop, Won't Stop by Jeff Chang. It's a story of the history of hip-hop, but it focuses on the cultural elements around the world that gave birth to its influences, and then the movement itself.

I never knew just how awful parts of NYC were in the 70s. Ridiculously interesting stuff.


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You know that sounds like me.. But you know what? College books suck, Highschool books suck, Middle school books suck, they all suck. School itself sucks.

Now it is a means to an end, and if you plan on going to college or a nice university(if you have the luxury) then do good in the lower grades.

Anyways, reading non school books was the one of the best moves I ever made... A lot more enjoyable then any stupid ass school book, and can be just as informative! and 100x more enjoyable.

Good job!