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The PS4 controller is a pretty darn good video game controller, but there's always room for improvement.

A couple of months ago, I bought a couple of cheapo PS4 thumbstick covers called Grip-Its and found that I liked them more than I was expecting to. After I ran an article about them, a couple of companies that make competing thumbstick covers emailed me—hey, maybe I'd like to try their products as well?


I'd heard good things about Kontrol Freek, one of the companies who emailed me, so I said, sure, send me some little plastic nubs to try. Their nice PR person sent over a sample pack of a few different models. Some of their options, notably the raised FPS models, were insane, and made it extremely difficult to play. (Personal preference.) But I did find that I liked the Alpha thumbstick covers, which put big concave plates on top of your thumbsticks. Problem was, I only really liked them on the left thumbstick; on the right one they made it too difficult to pop my thumb off and get at the face buttons.

With a little experimenting, I came up with a compromise that I really like: The right thumbstick gets a Grip-It cover, the left thumbstick gets a Kontrol Freek alpha. I've also put some black electrical tape over the LED bars on all my controllers, because I'm sick of seeing them reflecting in my TV screen.

With those three little adjustments, I like my PS4 controllers more than ever, and have been having a weirdly good time getting them juuuust right. I'm curious if any of you use similar setups on any of your controllers, or if I'm the only one who's had success with mismatched thumbstick covers. If you've been messing around with controller customization, share your preferences below.

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