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Summer-Colored High School, aka That Japanese Game With a Fucking Long Title, is an open-world PlayStation title. It was released last week in Japan, and besides the main story part, it looks like people have been checking out the do-whatever-the-hell-you-want mode.

Note: Some readers might find the following content objectionable.

If you thought Summer-Colored High School, with its lurk about and take photos gameplay, was a bit much, then you might not what to check out the photos the game’s unlockable avatar mode (or “free mode”) is spawning. In the mode, you can set up characters in various poses and snap photos, apparently after you clear the main story.

In case you missed it, Kotaku recently played through some of the game’s main story mode.


There are many odd (and highly suggestive) photos popping up on 2ch (here and here), where people are calling the game “Japan’s version of Bully” or even a “kami gee” (神ゲー) or, literally, a “god game” or a “divine game.” You know, as in an AMAZING GAME. While some people just seem impressed with all the dumb, perverted shit you can do in free-mode, over on Amazon Japan, the reviews for Summer-Colored High School have been pretty bad! Some are calling it a “kuso gee” (クソゲー) or “shit game,” because, for example, the game was lacking in the open world department or it simply was a “creepy game” (Kotaku’s impressions are forthcoming).

The game is able to skate around an Adults Only type rating, because the free mode is user generated. Meaning? It’s only as awful as the people playing it! Still, I can’t see something like this, however, allowed outside the country for a PS4 game (note: there’s also a PS3 version of this title). The main story line alone, which in comparison is far more tame, is a hard enough sell internationally for a console game (underage characters, upskirts, etc, etc).


D3 Publisher continues to do what D3 Publisher does: shock and awe. Because it’s not always working with the biggest budgets, creating a stir is probably important. Summer-Colored High School seems like those Simple series budget-priced exploitation titles D3 used to churn out for the PlayStation 2, but for the PS4. Those games have their audience in Japan and abroad, but the free-mode seems to be a little too free for an international release. But I may be wrong!

Okay, so people made to look like they’re having sex. Big deal. This is nothing new.


Ditto. Yawn. Old hat. (That guy in the corner sure looks bored.)


I guess it’s only fair to look up train skirts?

Oh, this is kind of neat. In the avatar mode, somebody recreated the Dragon Ball meme Japanese schoolgirls came up with a few years back.


In case you are wondering, that’s a turtle the character is holding. Like, an actual turtle. (Not an actual one, but a video game turtle.) Nope, nothing suggestive about this! :(


File under “confused” and “pop out.”

Oh goodness. Why?


No, seriously. Why?

And so, this concludes this episode of “Why I Seriously Doubt Summer-Colored High School Will Ever Be Released Outside Japan.”


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Kotaku East is your slice of Asian internet culture, bringing you the latest talking points from Japan, Korea, China and beyond. Tune in every morning from 4am to 8am.