I Don't Want To Save The Creepy Kid

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Hello! This week we take a nice vacation with Agent 47, HONK at a funeral, check out the new Medal Of Honor game, catch up with Ellie in The Last Of Us Part II and meet a really creepy kid.


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This sounds like it could end up being a really moving and emotional game OR another zombie game with a bit of romance in the background. Hoping for the first scenario.

After killing a lot of people Agent 47 deserves a vacation. Unfortunately, 47 has no ability to separate work from pleasure.


I didn’t expect the lead singer of Korn to be a huge fan of Spyro, but he loves that little purple dragon.


I really hope this box art gets something added to the front to make it clear this isn’t the full game. Just the first part of a bigger thing.



Kids in video games were creepy back in the 90s. That smile. That stare. Dear God, I can’t look away. Help me. heeellp me.. hel..


The new Mario Kart DLC looks good...


He’s honking in heaven.

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I wonder if baby makes three in this too? (That’s a joke only folks who played a lot of Ghost Recon Wildlands will get. It isn’t a good joke, so don’t worry about it.)

That’s a wild-looking lightsaber.

Remember when the DayZ mod was like the biggest game and everyone was talking about it?


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Zach, did you play a lot of Wildlands? And did you also play the Breakpoint beta? I really enjoyed Wildlands but have been kind of disappointed by Breakpoint.

Also, can you get me some legal coca?  You know, for the altitude?