Headset | TOKYO, JAPAN: Sega shows off the headset for Binary Domain (Photo: Game Watch Impress)

Let These Cosplayers Bring Your JRPG Fantasies to Life

Good cosplay isn't only about good costumes. It's about good backgrounds. Kansai-based cosplay collective Akasha-Chronik nails both.
The group, lead by cosplayer Mao Inumoto, focuses largely on Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy as well as sporting picturesque backgrounds that look straight out of... More »


The Sandy, Chest-Free Art of the Prince of Persia Movie

An acclaimed motion picture artist, Joseph Mclamb has helped shape the creative vision of movies as big as Avatar and Clash of the Titans.
He also, a few years back, got the chance to work on Jerry Bruckheimer's Prince of Persia movie.
Mclamb does both straight-up concept art as well as matte... More »


A New 3DS Game with Four Games in It, Made by Four Different Creators

In movies, it's not unheard of for several famous movie directors to team up, each contributing a short film to a larger motion picture. There are several examples, like New York Stories and Four Rooms. More »


When All Else Fails, Write in Fucking English

My native language is English. Yours might be. It might be another language, I don't know. Chances are, if you are reading Kotaku, you understand English-which is why you don't hesitate to use the #corrections tag when we seemingly don't. More »


Life in a Video Game is Tough, but in Avalon, it's Also Awesome

The Last Starfighter is my favourite video game movie of all time. But it had to fight, almost to the death, to claim the top spot. Because at number two is Avalon, a 2001 flick that's part-Japanese, part-Polish, all awesome.
It's a strange movie. More »


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