Nowhere is a game that defies words.

That first clip, which shows something a bit like a digital neon cityscape? It's the same game as this second clip of drones buzzing near what seems to be a planet:

Which is also the same game as this third clip, where we explore a pastel-colored surreal landscape:

Trippy. While pretty, I'm not sure that these clips help someone make sense of Nowhere—what the hell are we looking at?—but then again, judging from the description of the game over at Rock Paper, Shotgun, this doesn't seem to be a game that can be easily described or understood:

NOWHERE (formerly known by its working title name “Project Ginshu”) is an independently produced surreal sandbox exploration game we are building. It will feature elements of strategy, construction, farming, puzzling and adventure set in a post-singularian universe. Witness the unraveling of a visual acid trip through an impossible space, filled with exotic shapes, geometric patterns and appropriate soundscapes, cocooned by the people who brought you Masagin.”


More plainly: Nowhere is a procedurally generated open world sandbox game according to PC Gamer. You play as a 'sentient orb.' ....yeah. Kind of hard to make sense of still, but even so, it looks interesting, right?

The game will release "when it's done" for PC, Linux, Mac and Oculus Rift according to the developer.


(Via RPS)

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