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Instead, I got apple pie. Mrs. Bashcraft, my wife, made apple pie for the kids and me. This is it!

Actually, this isn't mine. While the kids got their apple pie in nice little bags, I got mine in a Ziploc bag. Apparently, we are out of nice little bags, but have tons of Ziploc bags.


(Mental note: get more nice little bags.)

Shame I didn't get any itachoco or virtual chocolate from the Love Plus girls. Oh well!

This was pretty much Valentine's Day here for us! I didn't get any giri-choco (obligatory chocolate) this year. Though, I usually get giri-choco from my mother-in-law around V-Day. I always return the favor with chocolate on White Day in March, so hopefully it's not really "giri", but that my mother-in-law actually likes me as a son-in-law. Heh.


The problem with getting home made sweets for Valentine's Day is that there is pressure to do likewise. Not sure what I should make for White Day...

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