I Could Clean My Entire Apartment To The Kickass Music From Jetpack Joyride

I've been going through my iPhone's greatest gaming hits recently, rediscovering the old classics I used to play and checking out some new ones.

I just have to say, the theme music from Halfbrick's Jetpack Joyride just kills. I could clean my entire apartment to this music, and in fact, I would do so with a grin on my face. Clearly whoever it was at Halfbrick who wrote this music sat down and thought "Okay, what kind of tune screams "Machine-gun jetpack?" And lo, this song was born.


From Canabalt to Rayman Jungle Run a good "runner" game needs a good soundtrack to push you forward. Jeptack Joyride certainly has that. Let's take a moment to listen. Oh, yeah.

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