There are weeks when all the gaming apps that we review or play seem to follow some sort of loose theme. This is not one of those weeks.

I've been staring at this week's collection for an hour, and I'm not seeing a prevailing trend. There's a two-player pinball game, which has nothing to do with a cute alien-bashing action game, which has nothing to do with a tiny racer, a movement puzzle game or a Tiny Wings wannabe. And where the hell does ski jumping fit in? Is it a sport or falling gracefully?

Perhaps I'll find something more concrete in this week's app reviews. *looks* Nope.

It's create your own theme day here on the Week in Gaming Apps! Feel free to stare while I run down the games we played and reviewed between Monday and Friday.



Duncan and Katy — $.99

A delightful little action-adventure game from a two-person development team out of Spain. Lovely graphics, simple gameplay, and much fun to be had.


Jail Run Puzzle — Free (Technically)

Addictive movement puzzles with an unfortunate pay scheme—the app is free, but eventually you'll run out of steps and have to either download other free apps or pay money for more. Fun while it lasts!


Suspect: The Run — Free

All the fun of a high-speed chase followed by a traffic copter without having to make the police incredibly irate.



Table Top Racing — $2.99

From the co-creators of the futuristic PlayStation racing series Wipeout comes a racing game almost entirely unlike Wipeout! It's still quite lovely.


Ski Jumping Pro — $.99

An incredibly pretty and well thought-out game about people on skis leaving the safety of the ground for no good reason.


Sunny Hillride — $.99

It wants to be Tiny Wings in a car, but it's not quite there yet. Graphics are nice, but it needs more than just hills and jumps.

App Reviews for the Week of January 26 - February 1


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Dungeon Quest is a Free Dose of Heavily-Distilled Diablo

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My Perfect World is Populated By Pixel People

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An Abstract Puzzler in the Most Artistic Sense of the Word

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