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For the record, I hate the iPhone's gyro controls. Hate, hate, hate. Make that, hated, hated, hated. As iOS game Catapolt has made me aware, sometimes times, gyro controls are the way to go. The only way.

Catapolt is one of many (many) catapult-based iOS games. As the developer told Kotaku, the game is a "loose" mix between Angry Birds and LocoRoco—okay, that's fair enough.


The goal is to destroy a castle at the end of the stage, but you cannot just roll the boulder after firing it: you must fire the boulder, and then time it so you can hit crates of explosives to bounce it in the air until you (literally) hit the castle. The longer your boulder stays on the ground, the more health you lose. But, there are power-up boosts to help keep your boulder in the air.

When I first started playing Catapolt, I used the touch controls. I've never really liked the iPhone's motion controls, finding them either too sensitive or not sensitive enough. But the touch controls, which have you change the position of the ground by dragging your finder, just didn't feel right. More importantly, they didn't even really make logical sense!

The gyro controls, on the other hand, have you rotate the iPhone from right to left, changing the level of the ground. The motion controls work pretty well and are serviceable. They felt even more comfortable when compared to the touch ones and were intuitive.

It's been a while since I've played a catapult game, and Catapolt felt satisfactory enough, especially the gyro controls and especially at its free price point. Check it out.



Illustration for article titled Gyro Controls? Yes, I Need Gyro Controls to Destroy Castles
  • Genre: Catapult game RPG
  • Developer: Cognitive Forge & Sinars Studios
  • Platform: iOS
  • Price: Free

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