I Can't Read Stories About Gaming Parents Shaking Their Children to Death Anymore

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Chicago. Arizona. Tennesee. New Zealand. England. Now a man in Polk County, Florida is accused of murdering his three-month-old son after admittedly shaking the infant for interrupting his Xbox session. I can't read this crap anymore.


20-year-old Jacob David Hartley, a stock boy at Sam's Club, was playing on his Xbox on Thursday morning last week while holding his newborn son Colton. He started playing at 10:00AM, left for work at 2:30PM, came home that evening and played Xbox again until 4AM Friday morning. Shortly after Hartley went to sleep the baby woke its parents, the father holding his son on his chest while mother Amber Newton made a bottle. The father dozed off. When he awoke he found Newton cradling their unresponsive child.


Newton told 911 the baby was bleeding from the nose and mouth. Colton was rushed to the hospital, where he died at 7:00 AM.

According to reports, during the Thursday morning gaming session Hartley lifted the infant in both hands, shook him violently, and said "Damn you Colton, please go to [expletive] sleep."

Hartley confessed to shaking the baby on Thursday morning and once more a week earlier. Doctors confirmed with authorities that the infant's injuries were consistent with being shaken. Hartley is charged with aggravated manslaughter of a child and aggravated child abuse.

This will likely be the last time I report on a story of this type; I just can't handle it anymore.


It was bad enough before I became a father. Now that I have twin boys of my own the shock and sadness I feel when a man (or woman, for that matter) harms a child for any reason has evolved into a smoldering rage. That such a horrible crime is tied to my favorite hobby just makes it that much worse.


Here's the last thing I'll say about situations like these: If playing a video game is more important than taking care of the needs of your child, whether it be the fundamentals of food, water and shelter or the emotional need to be held and comforted, then you should not be a parent.

Lakeland man charged with killing infant son after video game session interrupted [Orlando Sun]

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And this is why government-mandated reproductive limits are a good thing. I don't care how fascist it might sound; there are too many stupid people procreating on this planet. Now a little boy didn't even get a chance to live at all because his deadbeat scumbag of a father had to play one more round of Call of Duty. Or watch one more match of SmackDown, or one more down of the Cowboys game. Or get one more blowjob from the cheap hooker he hired behind the 7-11 twenty minutes before. These people have no futures, why do they have to have children and then ensure THEY don't get any either?

This isn't about gaming, gaming is just one of many potential causes for this shit. It's about people needing to EARN the privilege to be parents, not have it built in as a basic right. If you can't get a driver's license without passing a written and practical test, you DEFINITELY should not be able to bring a life into this world without doing something far more complicated.