Entering these fights brings an immediate whirlwind of tension in the track’s opening notes. It’s frantic and adrenaline pumping. When the violin takes the forefront around 15 seconds later, I always get distracted by its melody. Layered over the steady heart-pounding beat, the string sections draw me into their mesmerizing sounds. Even with the constant chatter of Trails of Cold Steel III’s characters during the battles, I love every minute of the music. If anything, the characters’ encouraging words or battle cries serve to make the entire experience even more engaging. It’s the perfect music for a hard fight that requires more of my attention and strategic planning.

I consider myself lucky if the fight is extra tough. This usually means it will go on for a few minutes and I can soak in the track’s dramatic, and equally pleasant, composition. It also means that I’ll get to panic over a tougher fight for longer. But how could I mind when the sweet sounds of Falcom Sound Team jdk’s excellent music propel me to victory?

Trails of Cold Steel III has multiple battle tracks. There are rock-heavy tunes slotted in for mech fights, and rousing rock piano for certain boss characters. While “Toughness!!” is reserved for the field mini-bosses, and I get to hear it pretty often, I never tire of it. There are so many great ones, both battle themes and others, that I could speak of any of them fondly. That’s a testament to how great the soundtrack is for this excellent game. It’s yet another great entry in this brilliant JRPG series.