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I Can’t Stop Staring at This Amazing Pac-Man 3D Street Art

Illustration for article titled I Can’t Stop Staring at This Amazing emPac-Man/em 3D Street Art

This street painting by artist Leon Herr like it's floating off the street, just like an extremely awesome augmented reality demo. Even when your brain knows that it's just lines on the street it still seems like it must be a projection from a giant lens lurking off to the side somewhere.


You can check out more shot of the painting over on Herr's Flickr page.

Amazing Pac-Man 3D street painting [Boing Boing]

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I think I may be a horrible human being.

First thought: That's cool looking!

Second and subsequent thoughts: Wait. Why is there a 50? That cherry is in the wrong place... There should be a power pellet instead of a regular pellet in that corner... etc etc