On the last night of E3 2019, as I teetered on the precipice of rest, I talked to Scott Strichart, localization director of the Yakuza series and Judgment—which is out today, by the way. He —came to my hotel room in Los Angeles for the most last-second interview possible.


We discussed his career (he worked on Persona 4!) and the challenges of localizing a such a massive game as it was being developed. We talked for an hour, though I edited it down to 24 minutes in the interest of making me sound like slightly less of an idiot.

I was drowsy. I was dead tired. Scott Strichart, however, was certainly interesting enough to keep me awake.


Is this a new series? Am I destined to forevermore fly to video game conventions and conduct interviews with game industry power figures while I struggle to stay awake in a juicily comfortable bed? Only you, the viewer, can tell me that, both in the comments on this post and by Heat-Actioning that thumbs up icon on our YouTube channel.

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