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I Am Afraid Of Angry Things That Live Under The Water

To: Crecente
From: Luke

Playing, and only mildly enjoying Alan Wake today got me thinking: how many other people have quirky tastes in games that stop them enjoying otherwise enjoyable titles?


Me, I can't stand the dark. In real life, I'm fine, but in games, I can't stand it. It's not fear, more...frustration, that the senses I rely on in darkness in reality - like heightened awareness and hearing - aren't available in a game. So Alan Wake's unrelenting obsession with the dark is really off-putting to me.

I'm worse underwater, though. And that's not out of frustration. It's fear. Combine a fear of sharks and a near-death experience in the ocean when I was 15 and you'll see where I'm coming from.


I mean, I couldn't stand falling out of the boat in Wind Waker, because those sharks scared the crap out of me! Wind Waker! But they're nothing compared to the shark things in Half-Life. Man, you could line up every scary moment in every video game ever made, and those sequences would, for me, beat every single other one put together.'s what you missed:

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Sharks are my biggest phobia. Thanks to my mom and dad thinking it was okay to show me Jaws at 7 years old. I KNOW I shouldn't admit this, but I wouldn't even leave the steps that lead into a swimming pool to venture into the water from 7-8 years old, after seeing that movie. To this day, swimming in the ocean makes me panic. I've had to get out of the water a couple of times due to obsessing on great whites. I should sue Spielberg, just for fun. Either him, or my parents.