It's getting so that you can't keep track of them all.

Fez, Galak-Z, Pavilion… those are just a few of the buzzed-about games (or proven successes in the case of Fez) that are announced as coming to PlayStation platforms over the few months. Now, Hyper Light Drifter—the sharp-looking action RPG being made by Heart Machine—joins their ranks. From the official PlayStation Blog:

Each enemy reacts to strikes with visible knockback, flashes, and brutal sound effects. No weak or shoddy weapons (I'm looking at you, Klobb), no pea­shooter projectile sounds. The player should feel empowered in every encounter.


The visuals will be the other major factor in forging the tone and intention of the spaces. Each environment uses a striking and specific palette to highlight landmarks, and they're littered with touches like reactive wildlife and intricate architecture. The world is long past its era of great carnage, but remnants are everywhere: craters from battles fought, wreckage from hulking machines grown­over, bones from mammoth creatures, tubes of rotting experiments in ancient labs.

It's just another game that's changing the Vita into a go-to platform for idiosyncratic game experiences and proving out Sony's commitment to indies.

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