Huxley Still Alive, You Can Play It, Right Now

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Ah, Huxley. You mythical beast of the orient. Long whispered of, rarely seen, never played. That is, until now!


There's been a closed beta for the Korean MMO/FPS hybrid running on Fileplanet for a little while now, but that's not of interest to you. You probably weren't part of it. You can, however, be a part of an open closed beta (bear with me), which is now seeing anyone and everyone in North America with a Fileplanet account (not a subscription, just an account) given access to the beta.

If you're in Europe or Australasia? Sorry.

Huxley Beta [Fileplanet, via Massively]


Tzion: Kojima-san doesn't have to make Metal Gear any more.

I've been playing for about a day. It's pretty good, certainly more of a squad based FPS than and MMOFPSRPG, but with a very traditional weapon/armor/item purchasing and crafting system.

There are a few environmental glitches I've run into (getting stuck in walls and stuff), but nothing game breaking. The only real problem I've had so far is that none of my friends and I can seem to maintain a stable connection when we team up on missions. Skirmish (PvP matches) has a little lag, but it's alright.

As far as gameplay, there are a few balancing issues. The one I've noticed the most (because I play the sniper class) is that snipers are pretty gimped. There are no real vantage points on any of the skirmish maps, and the mission environments have seemingly insurmountable geometry. I don't even see a point to jumping, beyond dodging enemy fire, since the game doesn't have anything to jump onto/from. The tutorial section had a short platforming bit, but all the actual game maps just give you ramps if you need to get from one level to another.

But I've only been playing a day, and I can't claim to have seen anywhere near enough of the game to declare a verdict on it. My main problem right now really isn't so much of gimped sniping as it is the shaky servers. It's hard to solo as a sniper, and I can't really progress when squad missions keep falling apart from network timeouts.