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Ahh, Huxley. Were it not for the Korean Open Beta - which apparently exists, and has players and everything - we would have to keep checking Snopes to see if it was still considered real or not. This just in - you will be surprised to hear that the MMO/FPS game has had its Western PC release pushed back until "the first half of 2009". The promised Xbox 360 version is even deeper in the mire - no release date has yet been suggested. The massively multiplayer shooter is loosely (extremely, I would have though) based on the visionary SciFi novel "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley. The challenge now for Webzen is to ensure a release date before the novel's fictional timeline begins in 2540 AD. Not long now, chaps! No Huxley US launch in 2008 [Big Download]


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I remember being in college back when I was excited for this game. Can't wait to see how far they've strayed from their original preview videos.

As far as I can remember... you were supposed to be able to drive cars, tanks, and jets while co-oping against some mutant sewer force across vast lands that never ended.

How much you wanna bet it's just an FPS with levels and MMO hubs now? Wish I could get into that korean beta..