Hungary Prevails in Dragon Age 24-Hour Contest

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Hungary made goulash out of a 10-team field in BioWare's 24-hour competition called Dragon Age: Origins Wardens' Quest, netting each team member a cool $12,500.

Second place was, apparently, a separatist nation-state known as "BioWare Community," with Canada and Poland in third and fourth place, respectively. Good ol' U.S. of A finished ninth, not lasting past stage three. BioWare Community was in the lead through stage four, when it was overtaken for good by Hungary.


Here's your full results. The main site has team interviews and stats.

1. Hungary
2. Bioware Community
3. Canada
4. Poland
5. UK
6. Netherlands / Belgium
7. France
8. Spain
9. USA
10. Czech Republic / Slovakia

Dragon Age: Origins Wardens' Quest [Official Site, via VG247]

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Canada came third. Proud proud proud!

Now I would like to know BioWare Community may be separatist and all, but from what other state-nation? Alberta? Alberta isn't a state, let alone a country (although it's rich enough to be one). It's a goddamn Canadian province. #dragonageorigins