Hundreds of Star Wars Comics Are On Sale...Before They Disappear

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Dark Horse Comics, publisher of Star Wars comics since the early 1990s, won't be allowed to sell any more after New Year's Eve when Marvel takes over the franchise. So they're putting all of them on sale. That's half-price per issue or, if you prefer, $300 for the full 28,353 pages' worth.


Our friends at ion have posted a list of some of their favorite Star Wars comics, which should help you get started.

My top recommendation? I'm partial to the great Star Wars Legacy run by writer John Ostrander. Legacy told a complex story set 125 years after the end of Return of the Jedi and featuring the last of the Skywalkers.(The events of this run are likely to be rendered obsolete by whatever happens in the forthcoming batch of Star Wars movie sequels, but that won't stop the comics from being some of the best Star Wars I've experienced.)

I haven't read them yet, but I'm very curious about The Star Wars, a mini-series based on George Lucas' original concepts for the movies as well as Rebel Heist, a well-reviewed caper set around the time of Episode IV.

Browse through Dark Horse's online listing of Star Wars comics and see what strikes your fancy. You can buy and download the comics to a phone or tablet.

As of January 1, 2015, you won't be able to buy Dark Horse's Star Wars comics digitally anymore, but you will be able to re-download them if you've already purchased them. (The sale technically ends at 2am ET on 1/1/15.)

Marvel is launching a trio of Star Wars comics early next year, headlined by a comic simply called Star Wars that takes place after Episode IV and is written by one of the industry's top writers, Jason Aaron. A Kieron Gillen-written Darth Vader comic and a Mark Waid-written Princess Leia comic will follow.


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Kind of sad. Dark Horse did a fantastic job with Star Wars. Some great stories and art work. The Knights of the Old Republic is a favorite.

This is troubling from buying books digitally. Yes you can still download the books until when? Dark Horse is no longer around? I started out buying from them and Comixology because it was convenient and great for travel. Usually less expensive too. But my fear was exactly what is happening.

For example, Amazon bought Comixology which is good and bad. Since Amazon is now selling the same books why bother with Comixology? Amazon is lot safer in the long run. What happens to the books I have on Comixology? Will amazon tranfers them over? Yeah they are still running audible as independent but its getting more and more tied into the amazon ecosystem.

Losing Star Wars and no longer making any money on them just having to store and service the old copies may not last long. Dark Horse is not a huge company and publishing comics is tough business. Wish they would have bought the whole star wars package from dark horse and put under the new owners.

Don't know if I would recommend buying these in digital form unless you are comfortable storing them yourself. I recommend a CrashPlan account.