"Hundreds" Of Marvel Comics Coming To PSP

Marvel comics will be readable (legally!) on PSPs in the coming months.

At their Gamescom press conference today, Sony announced the November launch of a digital reader for the PlayStation Portable. Details are scarce about what content will be on the service, but one bit of content is locked: Marvel Comics.


The Spider-Man publisher's Ira Rubenstein, v.p. of digital global marketing, took to Sony's press conference stage wearing a Wolverine jacket to announce that the company's catalog is coming to PSP.

The announcement included word that "hundreds" of Marvel comics will be released through the service.


We'll have more details about which titles, when and for how much as it all becomes available.

Marvel on your PSP. DC Universe Online on the PS3. What's that leave Microsoft and Nintendo? Image? Some old Valiant comics?

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