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Happy Valentine's Day! It's not Valentine's Day yet in Japan, but I kinda spazzed out on a premature sugar high, thinking it is. It should be in like thirty minutes, though.

Yeah, The Odyssey is great. Love Homer. Also big fan of Euripides. Euripides is awesome. Euripides's Helen? Very awesome.


Spent today doing two things:

Sorting out the great Arcade Mania contest prize clusterfuck. We had three winners: Chesu, Luis and Alexander. None of them got the correct book sent to them, and they were all mixed up! (It's my fault for signing them with sloppy handwriting!) Though, we've been able to work it out, and almost have everything a-okay. Was worried that the fellas wouldn't gotten upset, but they took it with good humor. What can I say? Our readers are teh best.

Second thing is that apparently Micro Bash does not like the Star Wars Imperial March. I often hum songs to him — which he loves. Today I was going thru songs I knew, and I tried humming the Imperial March for the first time. Man, kid totally freaked! (WAS NOT MY INTENT.) Best to stick with the classics, Rock-a-bye Baby and whatnot.

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