Humans vs. Zombies Nerf Shootout Triggers Campus-Wide Alert

Illustration for article titled Humans vs. Zombies Nerf Shootout Triggers Campus-Wide Alert

I'd love to see the paperwork at N.C. State public safety after a Nerf-war staging of the popular "Humans vs. Zombies" tag game resulted in an emergency alert of gunmen roaming the campus. "Cause of disturbance: Zombie Apocalypse"?

State (full disclosure: my alma mater) staged an HvZ event sometime this week. During daylight hours Wednesday, pubic safety got two calls regarding a dude, strapped (with a Nerf weapon), walking into Riddick Hall and then also on nearby Current Drive north toward Hillsborough Street. Officers went to both scenes but found no suspects nor any witnesses.

Friday, they finally sounded the all-clear: "Both reports of individuals on campus who might be carrying handguns were related to the Humans vs. Zombies game, and that there was no threat to campus. Both incidents were related to the same individual, who contacted police after hearing the descriptions and locations." Bet that guy feels weird.

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I go to NC State right now and I was texted and emailed about this through our text alert system. In the official NCSU student facebook group everyone was betting on it being someone from Humans vs. Zombies who painted their gun black. Which is against the rules anyways so that's their problem.

Almost every nerf gun I've seen for the game has been ridiculous colors and says "NERF" on the side so I doubt someone was foolish enough to think a normal looking nerf fun was a multi-color actual gun.