Humans Are The Worst, So We're Sending Them To Die In Space

The UnEarth Initiative is an indie management/strategy game that puts you in command of a small group of humans trying to survive on an alien planet. What's interesting about it is that the humans suck.

The game's got a humorous slant, so instead of giving you an experienced platoon of veteran space marines and engineers, you've instead got the dregs of human society, who have been shot off into space on shoddy equipment to help alleviate Earth's overpopulation.


Every time you start a game it'll be different, as the world is procedurally-generated. You'll need to build a base, grow food, explore and deal with aliens. Peacefully if you like, or with guns, whatever.

Inkling Games are a small team, but they're made up of some ex-Insomniac developers. And if you like the art as much as I do, that's because it's the work of Janice Chu, whose work we featured here not too long ago.


The UnEarth Initiative [Kickstarter]

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