Last month, streaming video service Hulu began blocking the PlayStation 3's web browser from accessing its content, a practice that continues to this day without official explanation. But customer service has attempted to explain the decision, somewhat cryptically.

G4 received a response from Hulu that might leave one more bewildered about the change than not having read it. Hulu calls the change a "tough decision," one that it would "do so when we believe it improves our long-term prospects to build a more enduring, legal solution to that same problem." Clear?

Probably not. But Hulu's response also touches on "the windowing strategy [that] is still dominant in the business." What they mean by that, we think, is the availability of content at theaters or on television, and when that content is made available on DVD, Blu-ray and via digital distribution. And how the entertainment industry kind of likes that model. And that things like the PS3 are messing with their model. And that somebody holding the rights to that content doesn't like that.

Hey, you read it, and tell us what you think they're saying.

Hulu Addresses Blocking PlayStation 3, Cites Vague 'Tough Decisions' [G4]