Giant Minecraft Map Has 10 Different Game Modes

Minecraft has a genre of maps, called Complete The Monument or CTM, where you have to collect a set of items while overcoming various challenges, be that defeating bosses or getting through an obstacle course. In Diversity 2, there's ten challenges to beat—and each of them is wildly different.

Diversity 2, as its name shows, is the sequel to an earlier Minecraft map (which you can find here.) Diversity 2's most obvious advantage over its predecessor is that it's built on the 1.8 version, which translates to better scripting and, as a result, a better experience.


The map itself contains a combination of different unofficialgame modes: the overall goal is to collect 10 colored wool blocks, and to do that, you need to finish each of the 10 levels, which are all from different Minecraft map genres:

The genres are pretty self-explanatory, save for maybe Dropper. It's a bit like the laser-beam-and-debris-dodging bit at the end of Saints Row IV: you need to avoid hitting various obstacles as you fall down a deep shaft. You can see it, and the other levels, in action in the map's trailer:

You can grab Diversity 2 here. It's a small 50MB download, and you only need the latest version of Minecraft to play it. The map's compatible with multiplayer, too, so you can also try it out with friends if you're so inclined.


Diversity 2 [, via Minecraft Forum]

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