Hudson's Karaoke Game Is A Hit

Best known for its Bomberman games, Hudson has another hit franchise on its hands: Karaoke JOYSOUND Wii. Lock up your daughters, because the Japan-only title brings karaoke singing to the Wii.

Since going on sale last December, the game has sold 250,000 copies to date. The title is a tie-up between the Wii and Japanese karaoke provider JOYSOUND.


The online Karaoke JOYSOUND Wii service boasts over 30,000 songs, and there are national online rankings as well. Players can purchase unlimited access to songs for a designated period. For example, one day of unlimited karaoke use is 300 Wii Points, while 90 days cost 2,000 Wii Points.

A WiiWare extension is planned for this year.

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