Hudson Gets DS Lite Hinge Cracks, Too

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Arrrrrrgh! DS Lite hinge cracks know no bounds!! Even Hudson's human mascot and human turbo switch Takahashi Meijin has been hit with crackage. He blogs:

Well, well, the other day my DS Lite got a hinge crack.

Didn't the white DS Lite go on sale in Fall 2006? I've used this for the past two years, and then like that, a mysterious crack.


Well, Takahashi Meijin was carting around a DS from the faulty batch. Nintendo's long since fixed that crack problem. Correct?

Master Higgins DS Problem [16Shot via my game news flash]

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@dunetiger reads kotaku, seems pleased:

It's dust stuck in the button, try blowing in it.

I have the same problem. Waiting on a screwdriver to get in the mail so I can get a more permanent solution by de-dusting it.