We're just over a month away from the new Dragon Age, and EA's got a new trailer to celebrate. After the mediocre DA2, it'll be interesting to see whether this game can stand up to BioWare's other greats. And between this and Persona Q, November should be a good month for RPG fans.


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You know what? I'll say it: DA 2 was good.

Granted no one can argue that Dragon Age 2 was not without glaring design issues, but I for one rather enjoyed the game's focus shift from "Chosen One Who Saves World" to "Guy Caught Up In Events Bigger Than Himself he Can't Control"

The story was focused on the characters rather than some global threat and Hawke, for all his/her worth can only barely influence events, but never direct them.

This was a welcome shift in story telling and one I don't think the game gets enough praise for.