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So uh, remember the two trailers Gen Kim did for Guild Wars 2? He made a third one. For Destiny. And, as usual, it's very good! The song lends the game a very Borderlandsy feel. Even Bungie liked the video—so much so that they shared it on their Twitter and Facebook. (Thanks Carl, Robert and Ed!)


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I am so humbled by all of the kind words and helpful criticism over the last three days. Everything i've been sent by the gaming community over the last few hours have been amazing.

It really seems like most everyone is on the same page as me about some choices, but for those who aren't, let me assure you, I take the process of choosing a track VERY seriously. I looked for things like tonal quality, tempo, vocal range, instrumentation, and lyrics. Spent about six hours just listening to the track, over and over, just to get it into my bones. All of these things affect the emotional context of a video, it's the heart of the piece.

I don't want to sound like a broken record now, so I'll shut up about this after today. But there's a time and place to use the stereotypical Requiem for a Dream track or Sail or whatever Hans Zimmer piece you fancy, it's just a style that's a little derivative for me at this point. You're only going to hit a certain demographic. I was once "males: ages 14 - 20" too. Unexpected juxtaposition is awesome, and I believe Gears of War marketing as well as the recent Guardians of the Galaxy spots have something to say about that.

Anyway, nothing could make me happier to see that the videos are being enjoyed. I'll do my best to improve on each experience.