Fan Creates An Awesome Guild Wars 2 Mega-Trailer [UPDATE: One More]

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Carl, who sent us the tip about the trailer, called this "the most incredible Guild Wars 2 video [he's] ever seen." Well, I can see where he's coming from.


The video itself isn't long, but it's "Mega" for the sheer volume of the source material—it's a recut of several official trailers and timelapse clips, set to music, and it's really fun to watch. Gen Kim, the freelance video editor responsible, came up with the idea as a way to show off the game's design and animation. I'd say he succeeded.

Before you take a look, note that the trailer contains spoilers for season one of Guild Wars 2's Living World storyline. Noted? Good. Now go, enjoy:

Guild Wars 2 - Under Your Influence [Gen Kim@YouTube, thanks Carl!]

UPDATE: Looks like Gen Kim made another one! This trailer is also based on Living World Season 1 (and, as such, has spoilers), but it uses a different song, and is a much slower take. Have a look:

Guild Wars 2 - The Angry Briar [Thanks Carl and Ldown!]

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I've recently gone back to GW2 out of sheer boredom of all these new promised mmo's(Wildstar, ESO etc.)and find myself having a damned good time with it now. I still wish they'd put a holy trinity system into it, but oh well, it is what it is. And what's even better is no monthly sub. They seem to support the game well. Solid game.