Track: "Cats and Dog" (MitchiriNeko March/Get It On The Floor mash-up) | Artist: DMX vs. Chiemi Takano (via Youtube user aznr4v3m4st3r)


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I can't stand rap/hip-hop but I love the march. It's impossible to be sad while watching those cats march across the screen to that tune.

I mean, I accept that there is skill and artistry in crafting clever lyrics and delivering them with good flow without your speech devolving into gibberish, but that's not music, that's talking to a back beat. It's pretty skilled talking (not always, of course) but I don't listen to music for the message. Especially not when the message, as far as I've heard, is usually one of selfish overindulgence or things that are harmful to oneself and/or others.