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Listen up, composers and music lovers: Following last year's KORG M01D, Detune will be bringing the new KORG DSN-12 synthesizer to the Nintendo 3DS eShop in September. Check out the official website for some specifications, and give the trailer a watch above to see the new 3D oscilloscope in action.


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Elliot Porter

's like best, news, ever. I absolutely LOVE the M01D. In fact, I have racked up way more usage time tinkering around songs than playtime in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - and that's quite something, coming from a MH regular.

Anyone in here also messing around with the M01D and willing to share his/her creations? I'm quite the beginner, but I have uploaded (for now only) two tracks to Soundcloud (soundcloud.com/dredddlokk) and am slowly improving. Would love to hear some pieces - even if they outclass me so hard, I'd rather throw my 3DS out of the window. :'D