Pre-order incentives are pretty dumb, and the Terminator being a pre-order character for WWE 2K16 might be the dumbest, but Arnold Schwarzenegger re-doing his naked-Terminator scene with WWE’s Daniel Bryan, Finn Balor, Paige and Dean Ambrose? Funny.


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Stephen Totilo

If you’re keeping score at home, Arnold Schwarzenegger just happened to get inducted into the “celebrity wing” of the WWE hall of fame the same year that there was massive promotion for his new Terminator movie during Wrestlemania (including a Terminator-themed entrance for WWE exec/wrestler HHH’s match at the show) and in the same year that his Terminator character got included in the WWE video game. Of course, he got into the HoF on the merit of having made a couple of brief cameos on Raw and Smackdown back in the day.

My god, if we can’t have people going into the WWE HoF based on merit, what can we have?