If you’ve pre-ordered the upcoming Hitman game, you’ll be able to play the beta soon. The beta lets players go through the game’s opening sequence, which you can play over and over. On PS4, the beta will be live from February 12 to 15 and on PC, it’ll be open on February 19, ending on February 22.

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Really looking forward to trying this out.

They’re saying all the right things: Big open nonlinear levels and tons of ways to go about completing your objective.

I played Absolution before i played Blood Money and i thought it was alright. It wasn’t until i played Blood Money that i understood everyone’s disappointment. That game is pretty incredible.

Absolution is so much about moving from point A to point B to trigger a cutscene. Blood Money is “find your target, take them out, exit level”. This new Hitman seems to be a larger scale Blood Money.

If they can pull it off this will likely be one of my favorite games this year. The return of Contracts mode in a more sandbox game can make this very replayable.