The Forest, that survival horror game that tore up Steam charts earlier this year, is also coming to the PS4, Sony announced today. Here's the announcement trailer.


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Trailers for the Forest are always awesome.

The actual game is fun too, but it needs SOooooooOOoooo much polishing before it'll get scary and tense. I've never played a game with such inherently hilarious glitches, bizarre physics and animal + enemy AI. I know it's not close to completion, but it makes something that's totally really grim.. Absolutely damned hilarious to play.

*hits enemy, enemy explodes into clay-like chunks with no blood which then roll away comically* .. *chases a rabbit around in circles* *builds a hut on a steep incline and it all goes wonky* .. *builds house too close to water.. it's a boat now.. Sort of! (previously would fly away)* *enemies running about walking into things* *Millions of birds.. MILLIONS, everywhere! They just keep landing on your stuff* *swimming ducks levitate ominously over the landscape*

.. I love early access but I think all the comical alpha stuff might detract from my experience of the game as it's intended down the line, haha. Not complaining, it's been hilarious. XD