An emoticon future: check out this thought-provoking video by PBSoffbook, where they look at the history of the emoticon and where they are going. I for one want the future of language to be with ebooks and bots, but, y'know.


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Talking about being off topic, I remember reading an article where an English teacher is asked their opinion on weather using misspelled shortened versions of words to communicate more quickly would cause people to forget proper spellings of words ("dat" instead of "that" because we know you really can use that 0.1 second it would take to press that key or tap the screen once more for other more important things). I remember the answer was that it won't affect it much, yet now I get a lot of questions (while I'm no English teacher, and it's also my second language to boot) about weather something like "doe" is the way "though" is spelled. As much as the grammar Nazis try, I guess language will eventually morph.