Sure, the first half of this Titanfall tips video from Microsoft is mostly just hype, but in the second half, they've included a few simple but worthwhile pointers.

Some of the ideas are similar to the tips we've already shared, but three of them are small new ideas worth keeping in mind. To paraphrase the best pointers:


1) Use the AI soldiers to your advantage. The AI soldiers aren't just there for an easy little XP boost—you can use them to your advantage in a couple of ways. For starters, enemy grunts tend to belie the location of enemy pilots, so follow the grunts to find the pilots. Secondly, crafty players can usually crouch and mimic the AI patterns of friendly grunts (do a lot of kneeling) and fool enemy pilots who skip over grunts while looking for more dangerous prey. I've done that latter move quite a bit, and it works pretty well.

2) Rodeo smart. Rodeoing an enemy titan is super fun, but you want to stay mindful of where the titan's pilot has gotten to. If he or she ejects to come out and fight you, immediately jump off and get ready to fight back. Even better, start a rodeo with a titan ready to drop and then, when the enemy pilot ejects, call in titanfall immediately to crush his titan. Boom. I now really, really want to pull that trick off in a game.

3) Hang off of walls. This one's one me for not reading the instruction manual, but I didn't realize that you could pause mid-wall-run by hitting LT and hang on the wall, aiming and firing. In general, mastering the wall-run is going to be the thing that separates the better Titanfall players from the lesser players, and the ability to hang and fire offers even more versatility to an already versatile system.

And there you have 'em: Three more small tips. Be sure to check out our main tips article for more pointers on how to do well in the game, and happy rodeoing.

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