After the Sandy Hook school massacre last year, Antwand Pearman of GamerFitNation organized a "cease fire" day during which gamers avoided first-person shooters and other violent games. Today is the second Cease-Fire, a statement against gun violence and supporting victims of it. The Cease-Fire lasts to midnight.


"It's an opportunity for gamers to show that the gun violence for which the media frequently criticizes video games does not control them, and to symbolically pay their respects to victims of gun-related tragedies," Pearman writes.


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Translated: "It's an opportunity for gamers to say, 'Yeah, playing games like this will cause me to kill someone, so maybe if I turn them off for a day I can postpone the inevitable bloodshed that will result from enjoying a form of media that the people in charge of the news still don't understand.'"

Don't patronize me, Antwand. Tonight, as I murder thousands of virtual people, I'm going to imagine they're all the kind of dipshits who name their kid "Antwand".