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Hrm, These iPhone Games Seem Familiar...Hrm... [Update]

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There is a flood of content in the Apple App Store. It's hard for games to stand out and find an audience. Why do that when you can ski in the wake of others?

While retail game charts ebb and flow on a weekly basis, with new titles entering and old titles leaving, the App Store's top ten list features a few regulars. Games like Doodle Jump and Angry Birds are mainstays.


No wonder earlier this year Doodle Jumper, a Doodle Jump clone was released (it has since been pulled!). According to website Pocket Gamer, the latest game that seems as though it's trying to cash in on the success of others is "Angry BirdZ" — not to be confused with Angry Birds.


Angry Birds features a red bird as its icon, costs $0.99 and is endlessly entertaining. Angry BirdZ also features a red bird, but it costs $9.99 and we're not sure if it's endlessly entertaining.

"Your goal is simple," the game's App page reads, "find the hidden bird in the spinning golden eggs, but be careful, if you miss it the bird gonna be very angry!" This game, unlike Doodle Jumper, does not appear to be a clone. The screenshots, however, do not exactly look like a $9.99 game.

The developer is quick to point out on the game's App page, "our app has no relation to Rovio's Angry Birds app, any similarities are purely coincidental." That certainly could be true. This could all be one big kwinky dink.


Update: The Angry BirdZ app is now removed.

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