HQ Trivia Is Back

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HQ Trivia, the once-massive online quiz game that last year kinda stopped paying winners their cash then shut down in February, is back thanks to an “anonymous investor”.

As the Wall Street Journal report, a push notification went out earlier tonight alerting users HQ Trivia would be resuming at 9pm.

There are no details on who this investor is, how much they’ve stumped up, how long the show is going to be back for or what this actually means in terms of this being a functional company again (most employees had been fired or quit before the end), but hey, if you were looking for one more thing to do while stuck in the house, HQ Trivia is back, kinda?


UPDATE: Here’s a statement from CEO Rus Yusupov:

HQ has always been a community-driven experience and we’re proud to come back at a time when we can be a resource for our players, especially as we navigate these uncertain times together and raise awareness for the causes we’re supporting. The loyalty and outpouring of support from our fans these past couple of weeks has been a driving factor in our return and it further energizes us to make a positive difference.

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I can’t believe that they don’t just charge some trivial amount for entry... just do like $0.50 or $1 and no one would give a shit, they would make some money, maybe enough to pay the hosts, and etc, and keep the company alive lol.