How's The DS Doing In South Africa?

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When people talk DS Lite sales, they typically mention Japanese, North American or European sales numbers. There are other countries where the DS Lite has launched, countries like South Africa.


According to Core Gaming, which handles Nintendo's South African distribution, the console seems to be doing well for the region. "The DS Lite launched in South Africa with much fanfare in February 2008," says Core Gaming's Matthew Grose. "Since then, Nintendo has sold 20 000 DS Lites into the South African market, sales largely driven by games like Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training and Nintendogs, reflecting the appeal of the system to a new and untapped gaming demographic including women and even seniors."

New Super Mario Bros. and Mario Kart DS are also popular in South Africa. The region will be three new colors this month as well: turquoise, green and red. Currently, the DS Lite is available in black, white, pink and silver.


20 000 DS Lites sold since launch in SA [EL33T ONLINE via GoNintendo]

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This news reminded me of how I must be one of the most depressed gamers ever..

I live in Egypt, and as a gamer it sucks hard to live here.

Very few game retailers here, and the largest chain of game retailers here sells only pirated games, and they have the nerve to sell them for MORE than what original cost here! And it's not like any video game are available. Only football, wrestling, and a few popular games are the ones you can easily find(License-movie games like Spiderman and stuff :/ )

And they earn money like crazy on hardware sold, the PS3 came out here at $1100, it's still around $500-600 now :(

And importing games is not a solution, I imported Valkyria Chronicles, I paid customs and taxes for it like double the price of the game :'(